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What is a full moon ritual? Here’s what I learned during my first time

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Celebrating full moon rituals around the energy of the satellite has always been an ancient tradition across cultures to help us bond with our own spirituality. Around the world, we all see the same moon shining in the sky, night after night, and passing through its different phases.

Thus, what is the real story behind the effects of the energy of the moon? And how it affects humans both physically and mentally. Whether you are a religious person or a pagan, the moon can affect us A LOT. Just remember, the moon affects the tides on Earth, and the percentage of water in an adult is around 60%. This must mean something, right?

Last week I went to a full-moon ritual to celebrate the stunning blue moon that we had on the 31st of August 2023*. And here is a sneak peek of what I lived and felt while in there.

What happens during a full moon ritual?

A full-moon ritual is a ceremony that celebrates the power of the moon. During a full moon, we are supposed to “burn the old us” and encourage our “new self”, which means leaving what no longer serves us behind to properly focus on what we want to achieve or the new goals we want to conquer. Therefore, full moons are a great opportunity to change our lives and take action, to let go of emotions and energies that hold us back.

During a full-moon ritual, you normally gather with a medium to large group of people with whom you share the same intentions: to let go and to focus on your new self. When I arrived at the venue where the celebration was held everything was set to allow the good energy flow. From candles to tarot cards and crystals, magic was already in the air.

Full moon rituals vary depending on who organises them and the focus they want to give to the ceremony. The full-moon ritual I attended focused on an ecstatic dance to celebrate the full blue moon, which we won’t be able to see again until 2037.

Cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance

The course of the event was divided into two phases:

· Cocoa ceremony to welcome assistants.

· Ecstatic dance to release emotions and connect with yourself.

I must admit that I felt nervous during the first half of the event, as it was my first time at a celebration of these characteristics, and I did not know what to expect.

The first stage of this ritual for the full moon was to sit together in a big circle to drink a cup of homemade cocoa. Shortly after, the organiser turned on the music and invited us to start dancing around the room.

Full moon ceremony: the ending

After a while, everyone (including myself) started to dance around the room with the rhythm of the music. While dancing solo or with someone else, the most important part is to set an intention. Mine was to stop the chatter of the mind and live the present moment.

After an hour and a half of dancing around everyone was exhausted. We ended up in Savasana and feeling relaxed and grateful.

*This event was organised by Alchemy of Transformation

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