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Mikkoa travel yoga mat review - Foldable yoga mat for travel

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

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With an upcoming yoga and surf retreat to the island of the Gods, finding the perfect yoga mat for travelling soon became a top priority on my list. Shopping addictions aside, as a passionate yogi who loves to travel around, I couldn’t just picture myself carrying my everyday, bulky yoga mat while on holiday.

With so much info on the internet (paid ads, organic search results, influencers, etc.), choosing a mat randomly without trying it first might seem a bit tad risky. Funnily enough, I didn’t have to scroll down the SERPs for hours. When I found online the Mikkoa travel yoga mat, it felt like love at first sight. They offer a wide range of stunning and lightweight travel yoga mats. But their Midnight Ocean design instantly got me. You might be thinking now, was this what I was looking for? Here are my honest thoughts about the Mikkoa travel yoga mat.

First things first: Do you need a travel yoga mat?

Keeping up with your practice even when travelling can give your trip a 360-degree turn. You feel more relaxed, focused, and living the present moment with more intensity. Apart from this, if you are going to a yoga retreat like me or planning to visit a yoga studio while on holiday and don’t want to use the mats in there, having your foldable yoga mat seems like a good choice.

Travel yoga mats are more lightweight, portable, and have a good grip, giving you the comfort you need when travelling. These yoga mats are also famous for being durable and washable, which makes it even easier to keep using them over time.

Why did I choose the Mikkoa travel yoga mat in the first place?

One of the reasons why I chose the Mikkoa travel yoga mat over other brands was because of its product specs. Its slightly larger size seemed perfect when performing different asanas that take your whole mat, such as warrior and downward-facing dog. It also seems perfect to rest down during savasana. Sometimes you need that extra space to stretch out your whole body without getting off the mat.

Different yoga styles tested with this mat

This travel yoga mat was tested during a free-style vinyasa flow, a vinyasa class at my regular yoga studio, and a hatha class in a different studio. My honest review of this mat is based on those three different practices and how I felt throughout them.

Mikkoa travel yoga mat product specs:

  • Size: 183 x 68cm when opened (Slightly larger than any other travel mat in the market)

  • Weight: 1 kg

  • Density: 1.5 mm

  • Materials: 100% vegan, natural rubber bottom, microfibre suede top

  • How to wash: machine washable with cold water, hang to dry after wash.

  • Non-slippery: the brand recommends spraying a little bit of water on the travel yoga mat the first few times to develop its grip.

What makes the Mikkoa travel yoga mat so unique?

When I received the Mikkoa travel mat, I was surprised by its foldability. It looked very small and compact. Its size makes it so much easier to pack all the basics in your bag or backpack. I’m the kind of person who needs to have everything I need in my bag, so having more space to add a few extra things is always a pleasing feature.

Thus, this foldable yoga mat is also very easy to carry around. My everyday yoga mat, for example, weighs 1.95 kg, and it measures 61 cm x 173 cm, so I do feel the difference now.

When compared to the size of a regular yoga mat, I can confirm that this travel yoga mat is lightweight enough.

Support & grip during asanas

I have practised different styles of yoga over the years, but vinyasa is, with difference, my favourite one. Having a dynamic, challenging, and sweaty practice is a basic that I cannot live without, so having a non-slippery travel yoga mat is kind of mandatory for me.

I tried many different asanas (yoga postures) during my flow with this mat, as I wanted to make sure of the grip. The microfiber surface was comfy and delicate from the beginning, and I did not slip even once. From some of the most active poses, such as the wheel, downward-facing dog, crow, and skandasana, I found myself 100% stable during all the transitions.

Cons of the Mikkoa travel yoga mat

Although grip and support were superb during all the asanas and transitions, for kneeling asanas you might need some extra support on your knees. I recommend putting a yoga towel on top of your travel yoga mat. The towel will add some extra comfort at times when needed.

Eco-friendly & vegan, made in Australia

If you are a conscious buyer concerned about the natural environment, this yoga mat is for you. I also prefer to check on every little detail of how and where a product has been made, the materials used during the whole cycle and its level of craftsmanship.

All yoga travel mats from Mikkoa are made from biodegradable natural tree rubber, free from PVC and other non-sustainable materials. Mikkoa is a sustainable, conscious, eco-friendly brand born in Australia.

The verdict

Apart from being the most beautiful travel yoga mat on Earth, my vinyasa flow proved that most of the product specs and features of this Mikkoa mat were pretty good. Overall, I didn’t slip during my practice at the garden and the yoga studio (I also brought my Mikkoa travel yoga mat to class with me, but as a private yoga class, I did not take any pictures). I can safely say that it works perfectly on solid surfaces such as wood and concrete floor.

The Mikkoa yoga mat is a high-quality, portable, and foldable yoga mat for travel, which has all the extras you need to perform a yoga practice while travelling.

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