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5 Things you didn’t know about Alo Yoga

Updated: Apr 15

Picture: Sara Sampaio's FB

As busy job schedules continue to rise worldwide, there’s also a growing demand for yoga and wellness routines that help people achieve a healthy state of mind. We all want to dive into our minds and body awareness because that’s the key to making the most of the present moment.

Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the expansion of online fitness hubs and platforms, where brands such as Alo Yoga have shifted how yoga reaches and interacts with its communities.


Nowadays, being (and feeling) healthy is easier than ever, and you can accommodate it to your needs.

Bra: Alo Yoga

What is Alo Yoga?


Alo stands for air, land and ocean, and was born in L.A. in 2007 to inspire all yogis around the globe. Their founders Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge had only one thing in mind: to make yoga accessible to everyone as a way to tackle some of the most common first-world problems: anxiety and depression.

The health benefits of having a structured, regular yoga practice are infinite, and the US-born brand knows it: that’s why they mix it with first-class, luxurious materials. “Luxury meets performance in every collection” is one of their mottos. 


Picture: Sara Sampaio x Alo Yoga

Moreover, every Alo collection has different purposes, from going to the studio to running day-to-day errands to partying.

How did Alo Yoga become so popular?


Celebrities and influencers such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been great fans from the very beginning of the brand, making the public impatient about its arrival to Europe.

Alo Yoga’s popularity quickly jumped from the other side of pond the without effort by mixing their beautiful pieces with an original and easy way to use online fitness platform.

Collage made with Canva. Candice Sweaponel, Eva Longoria & Kendall Jenner x Alo Yoga

What makes Alo Yoga so special?: Alo Moves


Accessible for all yoga teachers and practitioners, Alo Yoga has a wide range of offerings through its online portal: Alo Moves. Here you have all their classes: yoga, pilates, core, dance, HIT, barre, etc. And even filter out by the intention or fitness goals of your practice. 

From yoga to mindfulness and fitness exercises, you can choose from your favourite discipline from the commodity of your home (and you can also set the level and intensity of those sessions!).


Moreover, if you want to go deeper and find your perfect match, where you have different series available to help you reach your higher self. One of my favourites is, for example, cycle syncing, where you can follow a weekly yoga series designed to make you feel better during your cycle.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to train my body depending on how it feels when preparing for my period. Most of the time I feel hyper-sensitive just before it and more relaxed and bubbly when it's gone. I love learning all about how my emotions and body awareness are connected.

Does Alo Yoga have any physical stores in Europe?


Yes, they do have a store! They have recently opened their first flagship in  Europe, more concretely in London, United Kingdom (33 King’s Rd, London SW3 4LX). I popped in during their opening weekend, and I had a little taste of their magic.


Are they planning to open more stores?


Los Ángeles activewear brand Alo Yoga has shared in the past their intentions to keep expanding their physical presence, with new flagships opening in the main European capitals such as Paris. They have also recently stated that they will add around 100 new shops across Europe and Asia.  

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