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Wellicious: the eco-friendly yoga brand that you need in your wardrobe

Updated: Apr 10

I must confess that life has not been the same since I returned from my Bali yoga retreat.


Sun, coconut water and yoga stretches made the most of my days in the tropics, always coming and going from temples to the beach!


It’s cold and grey here back in London. But luckily, Spring is just around the corner. And I cannot wait to wear my colourful yoga matching sets again!

If you are looking for your next comfy, easy-to-wear, and adaptable matching set, the Wellicious is the brand you have been looking for. Since 2007, this luxury and eco-friendly yoga brand has kept innovating, with its core values built upon ethical and environmentally friendly processes.


Moreover, Wellicious has launched the world’s first biodegradable and Cradle to Cradle Certified® yoga collection, which is available on their website, and its crown jewel is this beautiful Control Bra, in white diamond, which is very similar to the one I’m wearing in my pics! Its elegant lines and finished materials are perfect for your next vinyasa practice or a slow, meditative session.

We all know that yoga is for everyone, but being environmentally friendly should also be a commitment for everyone.

Shop Wellicious new Control Bra here

Shop Wellicious yoga matching set that I'm wearing here: yoga pants & crop top 

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