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5 Things I learned during my yoga retreat in Bali

Updated: 6 days ago

Yoga has always been more than a simple hobby to me. Over the past years, I’ve always used my practice to not only heal myself mentally and physically but also to reconnect with my inner self. We live such busy lives that we often forget to check on the most important thing in the world: ourselves. That’s why for my holidays this year, I wanted to dedicate myself entirely (or almost entirely) to my yoga practice.

As an adventurer female solo traveller, Bali seemed the most attractive destination for a yoga retreat. I have always had a deep and strong feeling about the island (call it preconceived ideas or whatever you prefer). Since I watched Eat, Pray, Love in 2010 something was born inside me. I knew I had to go there!

Here are 5 things that I learned at my Bali yoga retreat

1. I could finally let go of perfection during my practice

As an enthusiastic yogi (and extremely perfectionist person), I have always been super careful during my yoga postures. Am I doing my downward-facing dog the best I can? Am I feeling all that I need to feel? Am I stretching all the necessary muscles in my body? Truth being said, I don’t take my practice as an ego-centric/competitive session. But I used to be one of those who liked it "perfectly done". Thanks to this retreat and the many activities I performed during my holiday, I could finally move on from that and truly enjoy the process. (Here’s me doing a perfectly imperfect trikonasana).

2. I reconnected with my feminine energy

As a Spanish expat living in London, I sometimes forget how to channel my energy when things don’t go as expected. That’s another motif for me to be consistent with my yoga practice, as it helps me to slow down, breathe, and remember that everything in life always works out, no matter what.

3. I could channel my anxiety in a more productive way

During my week at the Bali yoga retreat, I only set one personal goal: to forget about my life in London and the everyday stress. Since I landed at the Island of the Gods, I sensed a feeling of calm and relaxation like I had never experienced before. I always say that islands have a very special energy, but Bali is a completely different thing: truly the most magical island I’ve ever been to.

4. I had the pleasure of discovering what Bali Belly is

First things first: if you are a foodie kind of person (like me), please be aware that at some point during your stay in Bali, you’ll get sick with the popular "Bali belly" (eventually). Bali's belly is the travellers’ sickness by excellence, and you might have it or not. Just don’t forget to pack a mini first aid kit if you want to avoid last-minute trips to the doctor. I packed microdoses of medicines, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. Trust me, it can make a difference.

5. I learnt how to be more present in the moment

I can define myself as a reflexive, overthinker individual who enjoys dedicating time to every possibility in life. Over the years, I have learnt how to appreciate and make the most of these qualities, as they also come with some pretty good advantages. But that’s not what I’ll tell you about today. This yoga Bali retreat helped me dive into my emotions, allowing me to feel more in the now and leave the present moment to the fullest, as this is the only certainty we have for now.

Creds to: Julie (thanks so much for the pics❤️)

First look: bottoms and top, both from Lululemon UK

Second look: sweatpants and top, from Alo Yoga

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